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Lightweight Extraction of Syntactic Specifications

Lightweight Extraction of Syntactic Specifications

Mana Taghdiri, Robert Seater, Daniel Jackson


International Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE), 2006

Datum: Nov. 2006

A method for extracting syntactic specifications from heap-manipulating code is described. The state of the heap is represented as an environment mapping each variable or field to a relational expression. A procedure is executed symbolically, obtaining an environment for the post-state that gives the value of each variable and field in terms of the val- ues of variables and fields of the pre-state. Approximation is introduced by forming relational unions at merge points in the control flow graph, and by widening union-of-join expressions to transitive closures. The resulting analysis is linear in the length of the code and the number of fields, but capable of producing non-trivial specifications of surprising accuracy.