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Analyzing Alloy Models using KeY

Analyzing Alloy Models using KeY
Datum:As soon as possible

Mattias Ulbrich, Mana Taghdiri and Aboubakr Achraf El Ghazi


Task Description: 

Lightweight formal methods describe and analyse high-level models of software systems using concepts and calculi from mathematical logic. Alloy, developed by MIT’s Software Design Group, is a modeling language particularly tailored for this purpose. It has been widely used in academia and industry for verifying network protocols, schedulers, file systems, and for program analysis.

The Alloy Analyzer is a fully automatic tool for checking properties and simulating Alloy models. The tool, however, can perform the analysis only with respect to finite domains; unrestricted quantification is not covered.

The task of this thesis project is to design and implement a translation of the Alloy modeling language to the input language of the software verification system KeY developed at our institute. The translation shall only cover the core constructs of Alloy, and will be guided by a couple of concrete case studies.

A translation of OCL, a similar high level modeling language, into KeY already exists and can serve as a source for initial ideas.

Requirement: Basic knowledge of first order predicate logic as, e.g., taught in the “Formal Systems” lecture.

This thesis is a joint project between Automated Software Analysis group (led by Juniorprof. Mana Taghdiri), and Logic and Formal Methods (led by Prof. Peter H. Schmitt). If interested, please contact:
Mattias Ulbrich (mulbrich@ira.uka.de) or Mana Taghdiri (mana.taghdiri@kit.edu)