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Detecting Information Flow in Programs

Detecting Information Flow in Programs
type:Master/Diploma/Study Thesis
contact person:

Mana Taghdiri



The goal of this project is to analyze information flow in programs. That is, to check whether the value stored in a variable at some program point can affect the value of another variable in the program. We incorporate ideas from test-case generation and constraint solving to build a precise analysis that can scale to large pieces of code.


The task of this project is to develop and implement a technique for information flow analysis on top of an existing tool that explores execution paths of a program. The project will be done in collaboration with EPFL (in Switzerland) and MIT (in USA).


  • Established background in program analysis concepts such as control and data flow graphs.
  • Familiarity with graph traversal algorithms.
  • Experience in C++ programming.


The project can be done in phases as a Master's/Diploma thesis, Bachelor's/Study thesis, or a Hiwi position.

If you are interested, please contact mana.taghdiri@kit.edu